Toxicity Profile Analysis – Results

A Message From Dr. Heidi While You Are Waiting For Your TPA Results….

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What do the scores mean? 

0-30—Mild to moderate

Chances are you have been mildly to moderately affected by toxicity, depending on which characteristics you answered “Yes” to. All people have toxic characteristics, so there may be several people who you’ve identified at this level. At this juncture, learning the red flags of the toxic relationship is a must, so you can determine on your own which relationships are unhealthy for you.

31-60— Moderate to severe

Chances are you have been moderately to severely affected by toxicity, depending on which characteristics you answered “Yes” to. Because there are different types of toxic people, more extreme characteristics may present themselves in this category. It is here that education is helpful in determining which relationships in your life are healthy and which relationships may need some type of change.


Scoring in this range is an assurance that you have been affected by severe toxicity, narcissistic abuse, or emotional abuse over your lifetime. Chances are that if you are in this range, many of the more severe and debilitating tactics have surfaced within your relationships. It is highly recommended that you begin educating yourself so you can better understand your situation. Within this range of toxicity, it is highly recommended that you have some professional support (i.e. a therapist, counselor, or coach) so you are able to move forward with the understanding you will need to be freed from the control of others.

You May Be Wondering What Steps To Take Next?

Dr. Heidi, through her experience, is very well-versed on the characteristics of the toxic person. She understands and can predict their behaviors quickly, before you may be able to identify the toxic cycle.

If you are wanting to know which of the 21 characteristics of the toxic person you have been affected by, and further discuss your personal situation, I offer a pre-paid consultation to assess your TPA and to go through your TPA Breakdown.

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