Have I already answered your question?

Can I just ask you a few questions or ask your advice about what is currently going on in my life?
Thank you so much for being brave enough to ask the question, and I’m proud of you for wanting to share your story and ask for help. I do answer personal questions on my weekly podcast. Questions are answered anonymously, so if you’d like to send me your question, please use the contact form and I’d be happy to answer it within the podcast.

Unfortunately, I cannot reach out personally to answer every inquiry . I wish I could, but I do have to expend my energy wisely and honor my current clients’ time.

What about confidentiality?
Coaching with Dr. Heidi is 100% confidential. Anything you and I speak about remains strictly between you and I, no matter what.

I do have an administrative team that helps with forwarding me personal inquiries and answering general questions, and I assure you that they are as adept and as knowledgeable regarding my programs as I am. You may speak with one of them from time to time, but anything discussed within a coaching program remains between us.

And, of course, I hold my team to the same confidentiality standards, so anything spoken between you and any one of us remains confidential.

I feel that I might be in danger. What should I do?
What happens after I've completed my coaching program?
Congratulations! You have completed the program. Now what? That is up to you.

You can, of course, complete another program, or perhaps you’d like to attend one of my events.

For those who have completed my exclusive Private Coaching Program, you are personally invited to attend my next Priority…ME!!! Retreat. If you’d like more information on the retreat, visit my coaching program pages or send me a message to let me know that you are interested!

Are your programs designed for both women and men?
Yes! My programs are open to all! Statistics have actually shown that toxic personalities are surprisingly split down the middle between women and men! My team is all female (if our website is any indication!), but my clients are not!

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