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Many times those who are in toxic environments or in relationships that are unhealthy are unaware of the damage and the danger because of their constant toxic exposure.  Living with manipulation and mistreatment every day causes desensitization to the severity of the situation. In other words,  you become familiar to it and it seems “normal” to you. The truth is It’s Not Normal….It’s Toxic!!! 

Oftentimes, those trapped within the abusive cycle are so used to being exposed to the toxic behaviors that they are not even aware they are TOXIC.   No one can decide if a relationship is unhealthy for you except you. Thus, in order for you to better understand and determine how toxicity has affected you, I have designed the Toxicity Profile Analysis (TPA), a simple Yes/No questionnaire that tells you how much toxicity you have been exposed to and the severity level of the toxicity.

Should you want more information on exactly which of the character traits have affected you, there will be an opportunity to schedule with me to further go over your personal situation. Different character traits depict different types of toxic people. Let’s see how your relationships measure up on the toxicity scale.

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What can the assessment do for me?



Being aware of toxic behavior is the first step in the healing process. In order to move forward confidently into the life you deserve, you need to be educated on which kinds of relationships are unhealthy for you.


Knowing how toxicity is affecting your relationship is vital. Not only are you learning new information, but you are viewing your relationship from a completely different perspective.

Peace of mind

If you’ve been in a toxic relationship, chances are you’ve questioned your sanity. Toxicity, over time, can feel normal. Discovering that the issues in a a relationship stem from toxicity is an affirmation that none of this is actually normal, it’s toxic.

What my clients say…

Katie K.

Katie K.

“I was aware of physical abuse; however, I never fully understood the severe impact that came from mental or emotional abuse until I started working with this amazing woman. My time working with Dr. Heidi has helped me to start finding my light again among all the darkness I was surrounded by.”

Stephanie E.

Stephanie E.

“Learning the characteristics of a toxic person wasn’t just about freeing myself from my past, but giving me the tools to see toxic behaviors before they will ever affect me in the future. It opened the doors to who I am, to my happiness, and to self-love.”

Julia F.

Julia F.

“Dr. Heidi blew my mind. On a whim, I went to one of her meetings to learn more about the narcissist. Listening to her, it was like a light bulb went off. From that first meeting and every moment forward, Dr. Heidi has created a safe space where I can confide in her and others that know my pain.”

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