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What would it be like to be out? What would it be like to be free? What would it be like to be able to go to work and be happy? What would it be like to go out with friends and not have to worry about being judged? What does it look like over there? Start visualizing it, and the pathway will show up—not like the yellow brick road, OK? Some of our paths have a lot of speed bumps, and some of our paths have a lot of potholes. Some of our paths are gravel and you don’t have shoes. But if you can see where you want to go, regardless of the gravel and the speed bumps and the potholes, you’re going to get there. Because you know that’s where you want to be; no matter what you have to go through, that’s where you want to be. And that makes a whole lot more sense than not knowing where you want to go and staying where you are.

How Do I Do This?

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Hey everybody, welcome back! A while back someone had written me about the fears of leaving a toxic relationship. In fact, I’ve had several people contact me. But I want to address one particular fear today, and that is the fear of being lonely. The definition of loneliness is feeling sad and unhappy about being […]

What If I’m Lonely?

Toxic Relationships

If you’re reading this, you need to know that you aren’t the only one out there struggling with an unhealthy environment or dealing with people in your life that may not be healthy for you. Unhealthy relationships come in all different categories and levels, whether they are parents, coworkers, friends, siblings, in-laws, people in intimate […]

Triggers….UUGG! Can you please go away?

Toxic Relationships

If you are in a situation that you are feeling like you are going to have to run away to get out, it is overwhelmingly scary. Just know that the fear usually comes from you moving from an environment that you are familiar in to unknown territory.

Even though your environment wasn’t healthy, at least you knew what to expect. In stepping out, you have no idea what’s going to happen out there.

The unknown is always scary, and the familiar is always easier to stay in. So be prepared to be scared! Because it is scary!

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You are definitely going to come across the word “hoovering.”

It is derived from the Hoover vacuum, and it is a tactic that is used by toxic people, narcissistic people, and emotionally abusive people to suck you back into the relationship and into their control.

Once they get you back in, they continue to treat you like dirt.

A Little About HOOVERING

Toxic Tactics

Good afternoon! I have a topic today that I have truthfully been putting off. There’s been so many people messaging me about this particular topic, and right now I have quite a few clients that have asked questions about this topic. Even though I have kind of been avoiding it because it’s a touchy subject, […]



A very freeing quote in my life came from my dad. Since it’s Fathers Day, I think it’s an appropriate day for me to quote him. The reason this is such a personal quote for me is because it helped me release a lot of things that I was holding onto.

He said, “One of the ways to find inner peace is accepting people the way they are, not the way you want them to be.” 

Wow! Really? That is a powerful statement. When dealing with toxic people, we often spend half of our time wishing they were different, hoping they would change, and wishing and waiting for things to get better. News flash! You are wasting your wishes.

The programming and the manipulation that is present in a toxic environment is sadly very intentional. Toxic people want us to question ourselves on everything.

When we question ourselves, they feel better, they feel stronger, they feel more put together, and lastly, and most importantly, they feel more in control.

The more out of control they can make you feel, the more in control they feel.

Please tell me I am not crazy

Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationship Awareness - Toxic Relationship Profile

Not all toxic people have all of the traits, but because you know you are a sensitive person, you owe yourself the knowledge of as many traits as possible.

Why? These are not the only toxic people in the world. Your path will cross many other paths of other toxic people.

Because you know yourself to be sensitive, you need to protect yourself. You will become a target of another toxic person.

Am I Just Sensitive?

Character Traits

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