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Maybe you are ready to RUN on your freedom path!  No matter what relationship or situation you are in, Dr. Heidi implements one or all of her core freedom principles in her programs, webinars, personalized sessions, conferences and retreats. 

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Have you taken your tpa?

Have you taken the Toxicity Profile Analysis?  This free assessment will help identify the characteristics of your relationship and help identify its toxicity, IF it’s toxic.  This assessment only takes a few quick minutes and you will get immediate results.  Get Started Here.   

Freedom…Me!!! Online Programs

Freedom Me…Online is a program designed to help anyone wanting to increase their awareness while reduce the stress of toxic relationships in their lives.  It is a self-study program that offers support as well as detailed guidance on what is a toxic relationship, how to identify them, and how to best take care of yourself when and if you are affected by them.  This program is a detailed step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to heal from a toxic relationship in their life.  


Private coaching Options with dr. heidi

Dr. Heidi wants to help educate and empower anyone interested in healing or recovering from a toxic relationship.  Which is why she has developed many free resources.  However, a few individuals each year gain access to private coaching.  Unfortunately, her schedule only allows for a few private coaching clients each year.

Interested in applying for private coaching? She has developed  personalized private coaching custom tailored to each client utilizing the Freedom…Me Curriculum as well as many other resources.

Apply if you:

1. Have completed the TPA and want more information…

2. Are ready for individualized one on one confidential discussions…

3. In need of adrenal fatigue consultation and adrenal stress test…

4. Are ready to invest in your road to freedom…


What’s the next step?  To schedule a one-one-on consult with Dr. Heidi to discuss your options and to determine if you’re a good fit to work with one another.  If you both agree to move forward with either private coaching, or one of her other programs, some or all of your consultation fee will be applied.  


Break Free from Toxic Relationships Fall Class

**Next class starting soon…, schedule a consult to learn more and to get your name on the waitlist.

Ready break free?…

break free toxic relationship recovery program & Support Group starts soon

Freedom shouldn’t have be so hard to find.  This 10 week small group program with sessions led by Dr. Heidi will empower you with the skills, tools, and support to break free and begin your new path to freedom. 


Imagine waking up to the freedom of doing what you want and not feeling obligated to another with your time and your energy.




If you are ready to grow together in a very fun and supportive environment that will walk you step by step how to break free and transform your life?


Break Free Toxic Relationship Recovery Program…




Are you ready to break free and begin to transform your life? 




To Learn more about the Break Free Toxic Relationship Recovery and Support Group and to see if the program is a good fit for you…schedule a complimentary clarity call with Dr. Heidi today. 

Book an INDIVIDUAL private session with dr. heidi

Have questions? Want to know your best options?Want more info about your tpa results? need an adrenal stress test?

Just need some questions answered? Ready to learn more and want to talk with Dr. Heidi to get more information? Dr. Heidi has a limited number of individual sessions open, but you can book directly and choose a time that best works for you.

Have you listened to the podcast?

Please take a look around at It’s Not Normal, It’s Toxic Podcast where Dr. Heidi shares strategies and tips on how to better understand and heal from toxic relationships.  

Have you read the warning signs?

In this article, Dr. Heidi shares what to do if you’re in a toxic relationship.  Don’t know if you are affected by one?  This article addresses the warning signs and what to do.  

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Our Discussions

How Do I Do This?

How Do I Do This?

What would it be like to be out? What would it be like to be free? What would it be like to be able to go to work and be happy? What would it be like to go out with friends and not have to worry about being judged? What does it look like over there? Start visualizing it, and the pathway will show up—not like the yellow brick road, OK? Some of our paths have a lot of speed bumps, and some of our paths have a lot of potholes. Some of our paths are gravel and you don’t have shoes. But if you can see where you want to go, regardless of the gravel and the speed bumps and the potholes, you’re going to get there. Because you know that’s where you want to be; no matter what you have to go through, that’s where you want to be. And that makes a whole lot more sense than not knowing where you want to go and staying where you are.

What If I’m Lonely?

What If I’m Lonely?

Hey everybody, welcome back! A while back someone had written me about the fears of leaving a toxic relationship. In fact, I’ve had several people contact me. But I want to...

Triggers….UUGG! Can you please go away?

Triggers….UUGG! Can you please go away?

If you're reading this, you need to know that you aren't the only one out there struggling with an unhealthy environment or dealing with people in your life that may not be...