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The Members Only It's Not Normal It's Toxic Podcast  

What is The Member's Only Podcast?

The Members Only Podcast. It is an extension of the popular podcast "It’s Not Normal, It’s Toxic" also by Dr Heidi.

 Become a member to hear the answers to real questions asked by real people about the real toxic relationships in their lives.

Get tips on dealing and tips on healing.

Be the first to hear stories of realization, freedom, and recovery including
 Dr. Heidi’s own personal journey.

The Members Only It's Not Normal It's Toxic Podcast allows and encourages us to learn from others.
Hearing the answers to others questions and recommendations for their future is very helpful when striving to understand and move through your own situation.

The growth of Dr Heidi’s mission is made possible by our members,
in return she offers exclusive, specified content and benefits above and beyond what is available for free.

The Members Only It's Not Normal, It's Toxic Podcast is based upon the tried and true concept of learning from others, empowering you through your own toxic relationship. 

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The Members Only It's Not Normal It's ToxicPodcast

The Members Only It's Not Normal It's Toxic Podcast is released numerous times throughout the month and published exclusively on our private podcast feed. These episodes are short (i.e., “fast”), typically less than ten minutes, and highlight the YOUR questions, topics, and tactics needing addressed.  

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“Dr. Heidi puts together amazing programs…I would pay 3 times the fee to attend again.  My life is forever changed, thank you Dr. Heidi” Past Client
— Marie S.

"My Life Is Forever Changed!"

"I can not express how much this podcast has changed my life. She has given me the strength to see for the first time in my life the truth and it has been awakening. This is a must for anyone dealing with a toxic relationship of any degree. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

☆☆☆☆☆" — Jenn H.

"It's been an awakening!"

"Dr Heidi’s words were a lifesaver, helping me to sort out my abusive relationship and recognize that it truly was toxic. I recommend this podcast to everyone I talk to who is questioning whether or not their relationship is healthy."

☆☆☆☆☆ Melissa C.

"Recommend to anyone questioning if a relationship is healthy"