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How Can Dr. Heidi Help You? 

✔️ Need Help Deciding What Steps To Take?

✔️Want Confidential Support Regarding Your Unique Situation?

✔️Suffering From Emotional Abuse Fatigue and Want An Adrenal Stress Test?

✔️Want Clarity Around Your Freedom Options and Have Dr. Heidi Help Decide Your Best Next Steps?

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There are many reasons to schedule a confidential one on one session with Dr. Heidi:

    1. Do your TPA results surprise you?
    2. Are you confused by your TPA or quiz results?
    3. Do you have questions about the TPA?
    4. Do you have questions about your situation specifically?
    5. Are you searching for more clarification on your situation?
    6. Are you seeking validation that what you are going through is real from someone who has been where you are?
    7. Did something happen recently that has you confused?
    8. Would you like to know what your next step should be?
    9. Do you just need an ear to listen to your story?
    10. Do you have questions about your health or possible adrenal dysfunction?   
    11. Do you need guidance on how to navigate during a highly stressful time or event? 


Are You Wanting Clarity?

Sometimes it can be a shock to even learn about toxic relationships.  I know, I’ve been there…



Are You 
Confused By Your TPA Results?

Maybe the questions stirred something inside of you that makes you question a relationship…



Are You 
Needing Confidential Support?

Often times people suspect they are affected by a toxic relationship, but just don’t know what to do about it…

I know that those who have not experienced a toxic relationship or emotional abuse have a hard time understanding your situation, especially when they are those closest to us such as friends and family.

If you would like to talk a bit more in-depth with someone who has been in your position, I am available to do just that. I, through my own personal experience, am very well-versed on the characteristics of the toxic person. I understand and can predict their behaviors quickly, before you may be able to identify the toxic cycle.

If you are wanting to know which of the 21 characteristics of the toxic person you have been affected by and further discuss your personal situation, I have set aside time in my calendar for pre-paid consultations where I can help you further assess your results and help you identify potential toxic characteristics and how they are affecting your life.

Help identify and break the toxic cycle. Schedule your one-on-one session with me today to better understand your TPA, your situation, and to get some answers. 

What Can You Expect?


This consult is scheduled for 60 minutes. 

If you have taken the TPA, Dr. Heidi has already received your TPA results and will review with you.  She will immediately be able to pinpoint some key areas that the TPA has highlighted.  This consult is confidential and scheduled at a mutually beneficial time.

If you are wanting a session that reviews other aspects of your relationship, Dr. Heidi is available to do that as well. 

Want A Personalized One On One Confidential Session To Further Review + Clarify Your Situation