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It's Not Normal, It's Toxic

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Not all toxic people have all of the traits, but because you know you are a sensitive person, you owe yourself the knowledge of as many traits as possible.

Why? These are not the only toxic people in the world. Your path will cross many other paths of other toxic people.

Because you know yourself to be sensitive, you need to protect yourself. You will become a target of another toxic person.

Am I Just Sensitive?

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If you are dealing with the same type of repetitive toxicity within your home or within your work environment or within your friendships, you will accommodate to it.

This is the most dangerous part about being in a toxic relationship. We become accustomed to the treatment and accustomed to the feeling of being in danger. It becomes normal to us. 


Character Traits

When you are being criticized, you need to absolutely understand that it is an inflammatory reaction because they are wanting a reaction from you.

The minute you give a toxic person a reaction, you have just given them what they wanted. If they are trying to make you mad and you get mad, that’s exactly what they wanted. If they say something to mean to make you cry and you cry, that’s exactly what they wanted. 


Character Traits

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