Break Free From Toxic Relationships

Break-Free healing & Support program 

No one leaves a toxic situation UNTIL THEY ARE READY!!! It does not matter how many people tell you it is unhealthy.

Are you wanting to change something in your life?

If you are here you are wanting a change, but don’t know exactly how to do it. You’ve tried to change, perhaps more than once. 

Education is the key to understanding why this change has been so difficult.

This program was designed for you to help you move from “I don’t know how” to discovering the exact steps you need to get you there, wherever “there” is for you. 

the break-free toxic relationship program

Who Is The Toxic Relationship Recovery Program For?

What does Toxic relationship mean?

Am I in a toxic relationship?

What are the things to look for in a toxic relationship?

How do I leave or change a toxic relationship?

What if I am the toxic one?

How do I go through a separation from this person?

How do I coparent with a toxic former with whom I share children?

Do you find yourself asking…?

Break Free is for anyone at any stage in their toxic relationship journey. 

Why am I so scared to change this situation?

I don’t feel like myself, what happened?

How do I learn to love and put myself and needs first?

How do I know I can make it if I leave?

What if I am lonely?

How will I move on with my life?

Why are they so unpredictable?

How can I protect my kids from this?

Why do I feel so guilty?  

How many friends will I lose?

How is my relationship affecting my well-being, or my children's well-being?

Do you find yourself asking…?

Ready to break free?

Sounds like a great opportunity doesn’t it? 

What would you give to have a life of peace and self fulfillment, free of the control of others?

What if someone told you they could help you find the empowerment to make those changes?  

What if someone told you they could answer all of these questions for you?

Now it's your turn…!!!

I was able to break free and reclaim my life, but it wasn't until I was able to look at it through a different lens and understood my situation for what it really was. 
Now I am living in peace, with confidence in myself and free of the control of others. 

Over the past six years others have used the same guidance and steps within my program to find their answers and make their changes. 

My purpose is: 
To help you understand your situation for what it truly is.
To help you calm your fear.
To help you take your power back. 
To show you that you deserve the very best in your life. 
To show you how to step out of these toxic environments and into a new happy life. 

I can relate, I've been there...

I'm Dr. Heidi— I have been there with the same questions, the same struggles and the same fear of change. 

"Working Dr. Heidi has been life changing.  Not only did I learn about the traits of a toxic person, but I learned how to take charge of my on life...this is just what I needed....thank you, Dr. Heidi!" — Lisa M.

"She helped me heal so I could move on... for good!"

You are coming from a place where you feel you have no power. 

Years of life, work, family, and distractions lead us to forget about self-care, self-worth, and self-love.

In taking on the needs and demands of others, we tend to lose who we are to try to become what they need. 

We compromise myself, our dreams and our needs in order to keep them happy.

Our struggles become more intense, the more sacrificing we do of ourselves. 

Logically you probably already know that this relationship is not healthy for you but when emotions get involved, it clouds your logic.

Learn how to see the situation from a different perspective, step out of it for a second and things will become very clear very quickly. 

Education is the key to your freedom, understanding is the key to your empowerment.


When you can see it from a different perspective your ideas about the relationship begin to shift. You will see how and why you have suffered and the parts of yourself you have given up. 

Toxic relationships steal our identity. 

We cannot always control what life throws at us, but we all know NOW that we can control how it affects us. 

If you have lost yourself, you will find yourself. 
If you have to co-parent, you will learn co-parent without anxiousness.

If you need to interact with others, you will learn how without allowing the toxic traits of others to affect you. 

If you need to complete cut contact, you will find that you have permission to do so. 

If you need to rebuild yourself, you will learn how to allow yourself the grace to do so. 

Understanding how emotional abuse works gives you the advantage to keep your mind logical. 


You will realize that you have way more control over yourself than you think you do.

Learn how to accept toxic people for who they are and move on in-spite of it. 



“Dr. Heidi puts together amazing programs…I would pay 3 times the fee to attend again.  My life is forever changed, thank you Dr. Heidi” Past Client
— Marie S.

"My Life Is Forever Changed!"

"I can not express how much this podcast has changed my life. She has given me the strength to see for the first time in my life the truth and it has been awakening. This is a must for anyone dealing with a toxic relationship of any degree. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

☆☆☆☆☆" — Jenn H.

"It's been an awakening!"

"Dr Heidi’s words were a lifesaver, helping me to sort out my abusive relationship and recognize that it truly was toxic. I recommend this podcast to everyone I talk to who is questioning whether or not their relationship is healthy."

☆☆☆☆☆ Melissa C.

"Recommend to anyone questioning if a relationship is healthy"

…finding your freedom and 
…living in a place of peace.

Picture yourself...

The program will help you gain more control over yourself and your life than you could ever imagine.

Through this program, I will guide you on your journey. Having someone who has been there can make all the difference in your freedom and in your healing. 

Freeing yourself from a toxic relationship, no matter what the dynamic, will be one of the hardest (and rewarding) things you will do for yourself.

It is a place to find your power, to understand it, and to use it.

What Will You Get From 
The Break Free  Program...

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  • Guided On Demand Videos and Exercises
  • The 21 Characteristics of a Toxic Person 
  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Empowerment and Moving Forward

+24 weekly live sessions with Dr. Heidi to gain more clarity, ask more questions and pick her brain on all things toxic.  ($4800 value)

+Private facebook group to interact with others going through the same thing (this may even become your greatest support system) (Value: Priceless) 

+Access to a private VIP schedule with Dr. Heidi for one on one sessions at a highly reduced rate of 25% off. 

Total Value ($5699++)

what's included

Joining me and others in this Group Recovery program will indeed change your life and how you see and live your future.

PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE. Many times those around you do not fully understand what you are going through. 

A weekly support group with others in a similar situation can be a huge empowerment for you as move through the process.

The Break Free Toxic Relationship Recovery Program and Support Group

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Your current situation is not where your story ends, it is but a chapter in the book of your life.

Everything happens just like it is supposed to and you are in this very place at this very time for a reason.

It is time to see where this whole thing was intended to lead you.

How the future chapters will read is completely up to you!

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